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The toddler program at MMS consists of three classrooms. The Windsong Room, with 18 of our youngest toddlers, and the Sun and Nature Room each, with 21 older toddlers.  All classrooms are staffed with a team of three classroom educators, an educational coordinator and a support team of teachers that work throughout the school filling in where needed. 


The goals of our toddler program are to foster independence, nurture the development of pro-social behaviors, and to expose young children to pre-kindergarten concepts through play, joyful experiences, and intentional investigations. Our program also emphasizes material exploration as a means to deepen knowledge and encourage creative thinking. 


Our toddler program values parent involvement and communication. You are welcome in the classroom to share talents, skills, or contributions. A weekly journal is sent to parents via email daily giving you a glimpse of ongoing classroom experiences containing photos, conversations, and reflections, as well as a monthly newsletter containing school wide information as one way of inviting parents into our learning.  Parent/Educator conferences are held twice a year and family events are held several times throughout the school year.  

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