1. To provide a loving, caring atmosphere where physical and emotional affection is fully given and in which children feel secure and develop a positive self-concept. ​​

  2. To meet each child's physical need while encouraging independence in self care and care of their environment.

  3. To provide a program and environment that encourages curiosity; in which the child can discover, explore, be challenged and problem solve. 

  4. To surround the children with adults who are joyful, enthusiastic and spontaneous and who are stable, secure and professional; and committed to the well being of children.

  5. To provide a healthful and safe environment where children can live and grow.

  6. To provide an environment and program where everyone's rights (children & adult) are protected and insured and encourages self-confidence, self-control, and a sense of responsibility. 

  7. To provide an environment and program in which respect for themselves, for each other, for adults and for materials and property is fostered and insured. 

  8. To provide a rich environment that accepts children as they are and encourages the total development of children and fosters their individual needs, interests and talents. 

  9. To be supportive of parents and families; encouraging involvement, open and honest communication and feedback.